Friday, May 25, 2007

[Outer Banks Real Estate] Ray Midgett Comment

Comment from Ray Midgett on Pancho Villa Blog

Do yourself a favor, Ronnie; and delete this whole thread.  And, while you are at it, send me an email and tell me how "Poncho is dealing with the BeachHuggers" as you stated.
And, by the way, its interesting to note that you and Poncho both use  Just kidding, of course.

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Comment from Overwash about OBR

Thanks for pointing us to the OBXRepublic website. We really enjoy reading the various versions of posts on the site. First the writer, clearly stone drunk, writes a post; and the next day sobers up somewhat; and rewrites and/or deletes part of the entry. This person is sick, sick, sick. Frankly, he's quite scarey...especially in light of what happened at VaTech this week. Heaven forbid, someone like that exists on the Outer Banks.

Overwash comments

Overwash about View from the Ridge, Outer Banks Real Estate and OBR

It is clear that you and the View are setting yourself up as trolls for Mr. X and his obxblog. As such, we assume you will be receptive to the following comments. 
Mr. X claims anonymity by comparing himself to a newspaper editor. Yet, a newspaper has a masthead and provides its readers with a source for rebuttal.  No so with Mr. X.  Likewise, a newspaper and/or editor does not write a column one day and edit and re-write it the next day.  In our opinion, Mr. X needs to see a head-doctor who can prescribe a way for him to cross his t's, dot his i's and spellcheck his
ramblings.  Otherwise, on occasions, he makes good sense.

Overwash Comments

Deleted comment from "Overwash" in regards to OBR returning:

I agree that OBXRepublic will be back on the scene soon.....right after he sees his "shrink" and cleans out his jeans...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

deleted post

Overwash has left a new comment on your post "To OBR":

OBXR...the split personability of nothing but an arsehole...and we all know it...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

[View from the Ridge] New comment on $82 Million redux.

Overwash has left a new comment on your post "$82 Million redux":

Mayor Bob,
As you can see, I am a newcomer to Dare County politics and I really want to become a mover and a shaker. Do you know anyone in the county who can introduce me to the right people, right contacts, and get me some power and influence?
I am willing to pay into the 6 figures for the right kind of contacts. I can be emailed at I or my assistant, Mr. Undercoat will respond as necessary.

Posted by Overwash to View from the Ridge at 11:15 AM

Friday, May 4, 2007

[View from the Ridge] New comment on Thoughts on off shore drilling (grin).

Overwash has left a new comment on your post "Thoughts on off shore drilling (grin)":

I find it appalling, but not surprising, that you, a New Yorker, would "trade" off the rights to drill of the North Carolina coast in order to save your crappy NC beach cottage. What gall!
And, Mr.Bob, I must disagree...I don't believe such a trade-off will ever happen; simply because (and thank goodness) there will be more people in the mix (unlike "Brockway"--who don't want either...

Posted by Overwash to View from the Ridge at 5:08 PM